Tier 3 Carrier-Grade Data Centers

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When evaluating a data center the main priority is to determine the availability of the facility itself. Determine how robust is the infrastructure to power and cool the data processing environment. The power and cooling capabilities of a facility are delivered by its Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) infrastructure. The Mechanical systems provide cooling to the environment. It is comprised of air handlers, air conditioners, chillers, air flow, etc. Electrical systems provide the power to the data processing equipment. It is comprised of the utility service to the facility, transfer switches, generators, UPS, batteries, Power Distribution Units (PDUs), load banks, breaker panels, copper cabling, etc. Plumbing systems support the Mechanical and Electrical systems by routing cabling, air, water, fire suppression gases, etc..

  • Two Utility Paths (Herolocity' power is fed by 2 distinct power grids)
  • Redundant Power and Cooling Systems
  • Redundant Service Providers (HerolocitySolutions has a blend of 5 providers)
  • Able to Sustain 72-hour Power Outage
  • Careful Site Selection Planning
  • One Hour Fire Rating
  • Comprehensive, automatic backup scheduling for "hands-free" backups

We Have All The Power You Will Ever Need!

24/7/365 On Site Staffing

Herolocity data center facilities are manned 24x7x365 by professional staff members who are ready to help you with any issues or requests. Our technicians are backed by an engineering team to ensure that any issues will be resolved in a timely manner. Since we're a local company, all calls are routed locally and your issue will be handled right away by HerolocitySolutions employees. You won't deal with a call center or wait for a technician to arrive on site to resolve your issues. We're always here.


All technical staff members have at minimum of five years' experience in the Hosting and Data Center industry. Due to the sensitive nature of our client's businesses (banks, credit card processing, medical records, e-commerce, etc,) All Herolocity employees must pass a pre-employment background screening and drug testing as part of our hiring process.


Our technical support staff is comprised of network engineers and technicians. Our Network Engineers serve as escalation points to our technicians.

Multiple Bandwidth Providers and No Loop Charges!


We provide our customers with a blend of bandwidth from Level3, Global Crossing, Bright House Networks, Cogent and FPL Fibernet to ensure that your customers can reach you quickly. We have direct connections and BGP sessions with our carriers and we do not have local loop charges. Our multiple Tier-1 carriers are served to your network in a BGP blend. That means traffic to and from your network goes over the fastest routes available on the Internet. Instead of one option, your traffic now has at least four different paths to choose from.


All bandwidth providers experience poor performance or drop offline from time to time. Don't let your customers or users suffer because of this. If any combination of our providers go offline or experience sub-par performance, your traffic is automatically rerouted via any of the other providers.


Customer bandwidth travels over separate VLANs. Your traffic has Zero interaction with other customer traffic. Additionally, HerolocitySolutions does not permit Adult Content or Spam on it's network so you won't have to worry about blacklisted IP addresses.

Network Security and Vulnerability Assessments

We have an experienced team of Network Security Professionals to assist with identifying security vulnerabilities within your environment. Once we've identified potential security risks, we help you implement corrective action. Our priority is finding a balance between your security and business productivity needs!

Our Security Offerings Include:

  • Non-intrusive network vulnerability testing.
  • Recommended corrective action.
  • Practical risk assessments to help mitigate the risk of identified threats.
  • Security policy development.
  • Network infrastructure design.
  • Operating system and application hardening.
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) implementations.
  • Firewall Deployments
  • Authentication and single sign-on solutions.

Generators Above Sea Level

Our generators are serviced by Caterpillar techs and are run and tested weekly. These generators produce enough power to run our data centers for 72 hours with the current supply of diesel on site. We also have priority refueling contracts to assure that we always have the fuel we need.

SAS-70 Type II Certified Data Centers

Herolocity is SAS 70 Type II Certified. SAS 70 Type II auditing guidelines were created by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), to audit a service organization's control objectives, safeguards, and activities. SAS 70 Type II reports presents the results of extensive testing that determines how effectively the data center service organization's controls meet its control objectives. The SAS 70 Type II report includes a full assessment of:

  • Oversight by Executive Management
  • Data Center Systems Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Risk Assessment Monitoring
  • Incident Response Procedures
  • Internal Controls and Procedures