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Herolocity is recognized as the #1 sales and marketing platform – where your sales, marketing and day to day operations fall into one single platform with your staff collaborating and customers purchasing. It’s the operating system for business.

Other business software providers are going to have to change their business model to compete with Herolocity.

If it can match up to the enterprise-grade software spectrum, it’s going to become an integral part of every small business.

Traditional methods of running a business could be withholding your productivity, when apps like Herolocity’s platform eliminate half your workload.

GoDaddy established building a web presence with ease; Herolocity is the future of becoming the operating system for business.

What concerns many competing SaaS companies is that it’s free; takes a PayPal approach through credit card transaction fees.

They’ve partnered with cPanel in becoming listed in the Application Directory; it’s supported over 2MM+ pre-registrations in one year.

It’s not technology that’s changing millennials, it’s millennials that are changing technology. Now, there’s an operating system for business.


We created the #1 sales & marketing platform with 2MM+ pre-registrations.

Whether your processing your first order, scheduling your first appointment or even having your first closing call – it’s done through one single place – not 10 different applications. It fuels your business to do more with 100+ business applications under one platform.

It's free and more than 2MM+ users have pre-registered for its upcoming release in late 2017. It has everything you need to boost sales, be more productive and manage day-to-day operations. It’s the operating system for business.

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#1 Marketing Platform & Service

Website365 is a high-performance all-in-one marketing solution which brings a boost in sales, builds authority and trust for your brand backed by a KPI marketing performance guarantee. Engage the right prospects, nurture them and convert them with your own dedicated marketing team.

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Herolocity and our products are powered by a single unified platform – the 365 platform – that give you all of the intelligence to close your first sale, empower your idea that makes sending newsletters, confirming bookings and watch into something that matters with real-time insights. It reduces costs, steps up productivity and unifies your business as one.

#1 Sales & Marketing Platform

Automate365 runs your sales, marketing, day to day operations and unifies your workforce under one single platform; not ten different applications. It’s the operating system for business that gives you an intelligent insight to drive more revenue; it’s free.

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Explore our global workforce culture across 10+ countries

We don’t have the best talent in a local
city, but out of the entire world.

Herolocity breeds highly talented individuals on a global level with our remote workforce of 35+ employees whom bring experience and a product-innovation backgrounds from previous opportunities at Fortune500 companies such as Google, Microsoft and Uber.

Don’t let their smiling faces fool you, these folks are about to change the way you get work done; they’re determined to bring power back to the people, giving small businesses the keys to drive the global economy.

Learn more about our leadership teams or if you’re committed to being a part of a global movement that changes how businesses get work done – view our career opportunities.

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Leadership & Lead Sales Team

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Meet the Leadership & Lead Sales Team

Learn more about the leadership team, whom make the mission-critical decisions that impact day to day operations which propelled the growth of Herolocity to reaching 2MM+ users with each team member acting as an integral component.

Herolocity was founded by current CEO, Robert Nikic in early 2013 as a one-man team and has grown into becoming one of the fastest growing businesses in the United States as recognized by Inc 5000, 2017.

Lead Marketing Team

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Meet the Lead Marketing Team

Learn more about the marketing leadership team, whom overlooks, creates and executes rigorous marketing campaigns that boost sales, built trust and authority all while ensuring that all aspects of the campaign are associated to a specific outcome or generating an audience, nurturing them and converting them.

Herolocity brings more than 15 marketing professionals within our digital marketing team with KPI backed track records in achieving record setting milestones for small businesses and Fortune500 companies.

Lead Design & Development Team

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Meet the Lead Design & Development Team

Learn more about the lead design and development team, whom is responsible for the sleek yet intuitive user experience through our platform and enabling business owners to fuel their business to do more with the 365 platform, which has everything you need to boost sales, be more productive and manage day to day operations.

Herolocity empowers a design and development team of 10 ex-Google, Microsoft and Uber UI/UX designers and software engineers whom have worked in mission-critical enterprise environments.

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