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It’s a 100% free – the operating system for business – where you manage your sales, day to day operations, marketing and every vital part of your organization through one unified system. Enable more than 100+ business applications that embed with your website and boost sales while you monitor and track progress with intelligent insights in real-time.


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How it unifies your company as one


All in one platform

Run your entire business from one platform

Your appointments, online orders, invoicing, phone system and more than 100+ business apps connect under one platform to boost sales, step up productivity, and manage all day-to-day activities. Manage your employees, view real-time reports on what’s happening in your business; get intelligent recommendations on every app to drive more revenue on overlooked sales opportunities.

Swift through day to day operations with chat, email and a cloud phone system apps on any device and take your business with you, wherever you might be.

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It's about what's
happening now.

Stay in sync with what is happening across all business software apps with live insights. Easily monitor and compare business performance; adapt accordingly with real-time data.


Easy to use &

It’s simple, yet intuitive with all of the data you need to track performance and run your business in one single place, without switching through 10 different business applications to manage different aspects of your business.

How it runs your business

Drive more revenue

Enable more than 100+ applications

Find apps that run your business with our extensive list of free business applications that you can enable within moments’ notice. Your online ordering, email marketing, phone system, support system and live chat can easily be added to your website; wherever it may be.

Easily setup, monitor and see sales boost by having customers use the web apps on your site. You’ll improve your customer experience and reduce costs all while using one unified system.

Start accepting payments through the applications instantly with a flat 3% per transaction across the board without additional fees. The small business appss are 100% free; we earn from the 3% transaction fees.


Install an app on your
site in seconds.

Adding apps to your website takes a few seconds. Login, copy and paste a single piece of code into your website and you’re all done! You’ll only need to do this once for every website that you want to use the cloud business apps with.


Manage & complete
orders with ease.

Accept orders, confirm appointments and close more deals with the simple yet advanced functionality each business application has to offer. Setup rules and tasks that automate workflows so you can focus on what matters.

What it does to help drive revenue


See intelligent insights

Drive action & view actionable insights

Every single application connects with one another to provide intelligent insights to help you close the overlooked sales opportunities and to personalize a customer’s experience.

Use the appointment scheduler; have the newsletter app automatically send emails based on their recent visit. Take an incoming call through the cloud phone; get intelligent insights on the recent products the customer viewed online, unresolved support requests or the next unscheduled appointment so you can take action.

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Insights that help make
the right decisions.

Make informed decisions on which marketing methods are driving more action with specific applications and how much each order or lead is costing you.


Reporting that helps
drive action.

Stay in touch with order updates, missed appointments, unpaid invoices and view in-depth reporting that helps you understand what is happening in real-time.

What it does to keep everyone in sync

Always in the loop

Know exactly whats happening

Keep your employees connected and in sync with one another. Increase productivity by having tasks automatically assigned when some criteria is met through any free software application and know exactly what each employee is doing with live feeds.

When John closes the next big sale – Sarah will know so she can prepare an invoice while Matt packages the product for shipment all without needing to communicate.

What’s more – monitor employees with activity screenshots in real-time to track performance and get productivity level alerts so you can ensure your staff is motivated and on track.


Find everything with
intelligent search.

Looking for an order number, phone number or customer name? Use the global search feature to find anything through all enabled company applications in a simple and contextual way.


Your employees, connected
with one another.

Live feeds enable employees to stay in touch with what’s happening and encourages collaboration. You’ll know exactly what Henry did with that order last night.

Easily connects with any website, anywhere.

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