Herolocity Scholarship

Herolocity, the #1 business automation platform is offering a $5,000 scholarship opportunity to a business and/or marketing major student in the United States.

We are particularly looking for business or marketing students that know how to create value and pitch! The winner of this award will master the ideal pitch and meet the requirements listed below while being determined and do whatever it takes to be the winner of this opportunity. The winner will also receive an opportunity to join the Herolocity team as a Business Development or Marketing Coordinator as a part of our global remote workforce if qualified.

What is Herolocity and what do you do?

Herolocity is the #1 business automation platform that changes the way you get work done every day with over 100+ web apps that connect every aspect of your business and that automates the things you do every day.

Why is Herolocity offering this scholarship opportunity?

Herolocity believes in applying your education to real-world situations. As a business and/or marketing student, you’ll be having to create value and pitch in everyday situations in your profession and in general life situations which requires you to step out of your comfort zone and do whatever is takes to achieve your goals. What's the reward? In this case, it could you being the winner of our $5,000 scholarship opportunity.

What are the requirements of this scholarship?

- A full-time student enrolled in a two year, four year or graduate program.

- Major in Business, Marketing or a related field.

- GPA is 3.0 or above.

- Create a 60 second video pitching our free Automate365 product in your own words. In your pitch, be sure to create value for the product and provide use cases whether for any business type or a particular industry as if you were pitching it to a business owner. The options of how the master pitch can be crafted is limited to your skills and creativity.

How would I record and upload this video?
To participate in this scholarship opportunity, you’ll be required to upload the video to your Twitter account and mention @herolocity using the hashtags #mychance #scholarship AND #business or #marketing (depending on which is your major) – this is how your application will be submitted, received and tracked. To learn how to do this, visit

Where can I learn more information about the free Automate365 product?
You can use all resources available on our website, including the product’s page at

When does the scholarship contest start and end?

The Herolocity scholarship contest begins on 9/20/2016 and ends on 1/7/2017.

How can I submit my application for this scholarship opportunity?

Submitting your application is easy. You’ll first need to meet all of the requirements, upload the video pitch to Twitter and mention @herolocity and the hashtags #mychance #scholarship AND #business or #marketing (depending on which is your major).

How and when will the winner be announced?

The winner will be announced via Twitter in a retweet and via private message on 2/1/2017.

How is the Herolocity Scholarship winner determined or judged?

We are looking for the master pitcher that brings their business and/or marketing educational experience to the table. The ideal candidate will display creativity in CREATING value from our free product with use cases for any specific business or a specific business industry as if you were pitching it to a business owner. The ideal winner will display focus on the following below:

- Creates unique value to the product.
- Provides specific use cases to any business or a specific industry.
- Is focused, clear and persistent on the value of the product.
- Reinforces business and marketing principles in the pitch.
- Uses sales skills when pitching the product.
- Uses creativity and steps outside the box of average and typical pitching.
- Keeps the pitch under 60 seconds.

How can I contact the Herolocity scholarships team?

If you have any questions about this scholarship opportunity, please email We would recommend allowing 72 hours for a response.

Please do note that our scholarships team cannot be reached via phone or live chat due to the reason of giving each and every applicant a fair opportunity without any influence.

We respect your privacy, you can review our Privacy Policy by visiting