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What recent improvements have been made to Herolocity?

Herolocity has transitioned into becoming the #1 business automation platform that changes how business owners get work done every day with our products. We have introduced three new products: Website365, Automate365 and Agency365 which you can learn more about at our Products Overview page.

We speak multiple languages! Oh, and we’re here 24/7 to provide you with world-class support via phone and email. No matter where you are and what language you speak, we’re here to help on your terms.

We’ve also launched the 365 Corner where we’ll bring you videos, articles and webinars on how to transform your sales, marketing, day to day operations and overall take your business beyond its current reach. You might also want to grab our free eBook: 365 Rulebook.

How will the new products affect existing Herolocity customers?

The transition into Herolocity becoming the #1 automation platform will not affect any of our existing customers. Nothing about the services our customers currently have will change, but we can’t guarantee that it won’t improve with the new products we have introduced. All of our existing customers will receive an additional email with more information.

What other further-coming improvements are coming to Herolocity?

Other than releasing our two new products in the coming months – your Herolocity account will transition into the 365 Dashboard where you’ll be able to manage your account, products, billing and more under our new business automation platform.

We’ll be announcing any upcoming improvements via email to our existing customers as we get closer in the timeline.

What are your new business hours for sales and support?

Our new business hours for sales and support are 24/7, including weekends and holidays. We also offer international phone support numbers for the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and India.

When will your products in pre-registration be released?

We are expecting the first product release of Automate365 and Agency365 in Q2 in 2017. We are currently accepting beta testers. If you are interested, please pre-register for the product and you will be given the opportunity to register as a beta tester.

Do you offer international support in different languages?

Yes! Thanks to Herolocity having a remote workforce consisting of team members all around the world, we currently fluently speak and write English, German, Serbian, Spanish, Hinds, Arabic and Urdu.

Recent FAQ's

Where can I pre-register for Automate365?

You can pre-register for our free business automation platform by clicking here.

Where can I pre-register for Agency365?

On the other hand

You can pre-register for our PSD to HTML web development platform by clicking here.